The manufacturer did not spare superlatives during the unveiling, according to him, the novelty represents the most technologically advanced residential trailer on the market. But he also paid attention to safety, aerodynamics, equipment and the variability of the interior space.

But the Flow is also interesting in that it can move on its own – that is, if the customer pays extra for the version with the Magic Pack package, which includes two electric motors, one for each wheel. Thanks to them, by the way, the trailer can even connect itself to the towing device.

The electric motors draw energy from a lithium-iron-phosphate accumulator with a capacity of 45 kWh, which at the same time covers the energy requirements of the trailer’s complete equipment. The battery stored in the floor can of course be recharged externally (with alternating and direct current and perhaps also with chargers for electric cars), another source of energy is 1kW solar panels.

Pebble claims that a fully charged battery provides energy self-sufficiency for up to a week.

The company also emphasizes the ease of use of the trailer. The caravan includes an application for mobile phones, through which you can not only control and check most on-board functions (for example, the temperature inside, lighting or locking/unlocking), but also allows you to remotely control the movement of the trailer.

Pebble Flow offers sleeping space for up to four people and is equipped with a shower, toilet, removable induction hob, oven, fairly large fridge, 140 liter tank for clean water and 190 liter tank for waste water. An interesting feature is also the connection to the Internet through the Starlink service.

The trailer is quite large, measuring 7,620 millimeters in length, 2,286 mm wide and 2,642 mm high. With equipment, the Pebble Flow weighs 2.8 tons.

And as you can guess, the futuristic trailer is not exactly cheap – the price starts at 109 thousand US dollars, which is about 2.54 million crowns. The “self-propelled” version with electric motors costs 125,000 dollars, or roughly 2.91 million crowns. In any case, the manufacturer has started accepting pre-orders, the first trailers should arrive at the end of next year.