The Stellantis concern is preparing a new concept for a compact crossover. He can find inspiration in India – both in terms of layout and technique.

Not long after the premiere of the new generation of the C3 model, Citroën CEO Thierry Koskas revealed to Automotive News what the brand is planning next. And the C3 Aircross model will go, which will turn from a crossover into a seven-seater SUV of reasonable dimensions.

Just like the already presented novelty, it will use the Smart Car Platform, which was developed by Tata Consultancy Services for the Stellantis concern. This technique emphasizes low costs, which is why the new generation C3 in electric version ë-C3 managed to fit under the magic threshold of 25,000 euros.

The platform is able to cover the dispersion from segment A to C, the length can be changed in the range of 150 mm, wheelbase 50 mm and 50 to 80 mm in terms of overhangs. The new ë-C3 uses LFP batteries from the Chinese company SVolt with a capacity of 44 kWh, thanks to which it can travel up to 320 kilometers – it can be expected that the larger Aircross will have a similar range.

The new Citroën ë-C3 is a hammer on cheap Chinese electric cars.  It has a great price and equipment, the range will surprise you

The Smart Car Platform can also use internal combustion engines, which is why various models of Stellantis Group brands will also be available on conventional fuel, especially in countries where the adoption of electromobility is slower. A possible inspiration for the new compact Aircross could be the model of the same name sold in India. There it is powered by a three-cylinder 1.2 PureTech with an output of 81 kW, the car is 4323 mm long and offers a luggage space of 444 liters in a five-seater configuration.