Toyota has long-term active space projects that will soon turn into real cars. These buggies will actually see the light of day.

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show is packed with news. Domestic automakers are competing with futuristic concepts to see who will have a more interesting future and technology. This year is supposed to be the richest in history. We already wrote about the Nissan stand, now it’s Toyota’s turn.

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It has prepared an electric version of the Land Cruiser and a compact pick-up with the austere name EPU. Some might argue that this is pretty boring, but don’t forget that Toyota has an active space program. As part of this project, we saw the Baby Lunar Cruiser, an off-roader with a touch of the Land Cruiser FJ40, and now we have another interesting vehicle.

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The two-seater space buggy is equipped with steering on both axles and each wheel has its own electric motor. Thanks to its minimalist bodywork with zero overhangs, the Toyota Space Mobility is able to overcome obstacles 50 cm high and slopes with an inclination of 25 °.

Due to the compact dimensions, transportation will not be a problem either. The vehicle is 3460 mm long, 2175 mm wide and only 1865 mm high. In the case of Space Mobility, he will not stick to the proposal. Toyota will actually build the buggy and use it as a research lab to test new solutions for the final vehicle.