Something like this is unprecedented in the Czech Republic! And the record also fell on a world scale. It’s a must-see – tonight on TV World of Motors on Nova Action!

The magazine Svět motorů managed to realize a crazy stunt – and make history. After months of tuning and preparations, he bolted the fastest Czech skier Radim Palán to one of the fastest station wagons on the planet, the Audi RS6 Avant. And at the airport in Panenské Týnec, the competitor Filip Salaquarda drove 208.22 km/h with it.

This is a new world record for the roof of a mass-produced car. All this under the supervision of the Dobrý den agency, which registers Czech maximums and publishes the Czech Book of Records. From now on, it also features a bit of Radim Palán and the World of Motors.

In the Czech Republic, this is a unique feat, and on a global scale, it was possible to surpass the previous highest goal of 201 km/h. Behind her is skier Lasse Nyhlén, racer Mikael Nabrink and a black Alfa Romeo GTV 2.5.

You will see how the idea of ​​the record was born, how everything went on at the airport in Panenské Týnec this evening on television Svět motůr, starting at 8:30 p.m. on the Nova Action station. All broadcast parts are also on Voyo.

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Reviews of the main actors

Radim Palán: It was essential, I would even say critically essential, to keep the pace with the fast-accelerating car underfoot. It was different from the snow. On it, I perceive acceleration in the upper half of the body. But on the car in the bottom. I’m used to huge acceleration. After all, on the hill I experience something similar to the pilots in Formula 1.

Filip Salaquardaracer and driver of the Audi RS6 Avant: I must say that I really felt adrenaline, but Radim must have felt much more. Between us it was mainly about coordination: me as the driver and Radim on the roof. Catch it so that we don’t speed up unnecessarily, don’t brake unnecessarily. And it worked perfectly.

David Sprinclevent organizer: I’m proud that it all worked out, because honestly: for 99.9% of people, it would be a gamble with their lives. But we prepared for the whole event honestly, with all professionalism, we couldn’t have done more for safety.

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New Motor World: What else will you see?

  • Michal Dokoupil will test Audi RS6 Avantwithout which the record attempt would not be possible
  • Tomáš Dusil is listed in the Bazar section as slightly used and extremely rare Mini John Cooper Works GP
  • Martin Karlík will test at the airport in Milovíce formula for students of CTU in Prague

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