Adult film icon Riley Reid wants to bring generative artificial intelligence to adult entertainment through online platform where users can chat with digital versions of content creators. Unlike other chatbots for adults, they are Clona.AI avatars trained with the express consent of the content creators themselveswho also have a direct influence on what the “AI companions” will and will not talk about.

For roughly 700 crowns ($30) per month, fans and subscribers will be able to have “intimate conversations” with digital versions of your favorite adult starscontent creators and influencers. Avatars currently include, for example, Reid herself or YouTuber Lena The Plug. There is also a free version, but it only offers five chat messages per month.

Clona uses Meta’s Llama 2 model as its base, refining and retraining it to reflect the personality of the person it’s based on. Reid explains that her model was first trained on her various media inputs, podcast interviews and YouTube videos, and after that, the chatbot’s response was further tuned by having the AI ​​chat with Reid herself.

For example, an AI companion will be able to speak profanity, but how profanity a particular avatar will be depends on the actor’s preference, not the user’s. Reid notes that her model, for example, will not discuss physically unsafe sexual practices with users.

Generative artificial intelligence technology has proven huge potential in creating digital clones of deceased celebrities and artists. This process requires nothing more than the consent of the celebrity (or their estate) and a large enough corpus of their voice or video recordings. However, we have already witnessed the misuse of this technology, for example in deepfake pornography.