Apple has just confirmed another streaming event. It will be held on the night of October 30 to November 1will start at 20:00 CET. The timing is not accidental – Apple deliberately chose the period when Halloween is celebrated in many countries. Among other things, the company adapted its slogan, which reads: “Frighteningly Fast”from which we can conclude that there will be an announcement new hardware. We’ve already had the big event where the iPhone 15 was announced, so there’s more to come desktop and laptop computers.

Mark Gurman indicated that at this event there will be the introduction of a new product that follows on from the aging series of iMacs. Gurman also predicts that we are likely to see macbook pro update.

The fact that the new iMac will be introduced also corresponds to the dwindling stocks of current iMacs and the 13-inch MacBook Pro in retail stores. Meanwhile, the last model, the color 24-inch iMac M1, came out in April 2021, which is an eternity in tech circles, and it hasn’t been updated since then. The MacBook Pro M2 is newer, released in 2022, but is still waiting for its update. Previously, Apple reserved the October event for computers.

Related to this is the assumption that at the event the follow-on M3 chip will be revealed. It is also possible that we will wait unveiling the iPadas the company’s flagship tablet is also waiting for its successor.