According to the British brands, you can probably guess which one. Elizabeth II drove this green specimen with interesting modifications.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. she was close to cars from her youth – during World War II. at the end of World War I, she worked for the Women’s Ground Auxiliary Corps as a driver and maintenance worker for military trucks, reaching the rank of junior commander.

Now you can buy one of her machines, behind the wheel of which she was often seen until her old age. It is a 2004 Range Rover that was modified by Land Rover Special Operations under contract number 34319.

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In the front part, for example, it has warning lights behind the front grill, controlled from the cabin. Elizabeth II. she was a big lover of dogs, so inside there is a cover for the rear seats, a dividing grid and a cover for the floor of the trunk for transporting Hafans. In addition, the car has aprons, running boards or perhaps double control of the rear windows. In the second row of seats we also find additional handles for easier entry and exit.

The Epsom Green Range has 176,467 kilometers on the clock and will go on sale at Iconic Auctioneers on November 11 in Birmingham. The expected selling price is 50 to 60 thousand pounds, or roughly 1.4 to 1.7 million crowns. Interesting money for an interesting car.