Martin Kupec is a successful author of poster-prospect books about the history of Mototechna or Škoda Auto cars, but now he is publishing another publication, which will once again be full of Škoda cars. This time, Kupec focused on the motor sports sector and was not alone, as the co-author is Škoda motorsport expert Michal Velebný from the Škoda Museum.

To give you a closer look at the book full of posters and brochures, we asked both authors directly some questions about this publication. Given that the planned shipment will be 3,000 pieces, we can also talk about an interesting tip for a Christmas gift. After all, December is already impatiently waiting for its arrival…

Can you tell us how the book will conceptually look inside? Will it be more pictorial?

The book chronologically maps the history of competition and racing Škoda cars through period posters, brochures and race programs, so it is mainly pictorial. Overall, it’s a look back at the successes of Motorsport, after all, the most successful ones appeared on posters, brochures or even in photographs.

Photo: Škoda Motorsport – competition and racing cars on posters and brochures, 1945-2023

The book looks back at the achievements of Škoda Motorsport.

Will the book be supplemented with texts? Approximately how many to expect per side?

Each of the 24 chapters, always dealing with a particular type of racing car from the history of Škoda Motorsport, is presented with a drawing or sketch of the car, supplemented by a full-page text about its origin and history. On the following pages, readers will already learn something about the history of the poster, the car shown on it or even about the event for which the poster was created.

What about attractions? Will we find any real pearls inside the book?

Cartoon posters from the 1950s and 1960s are real pearls, thanks to their age. For competition cars, the reader will also find the front pages of their documents issued by the International Automobile Federation, homologation sheets.

Photo: Škoda Motorsport – competition and racing cars on posters and brochures, 1945-2023

Inside you will also find comments from important competitive companies.

Of particular interest will be the fact that the book will remind readers of the Škoda and Bohemia Rallye, as well as other important competitive events that have maintained their existence to this day, such as the Barum Rallye, the Valašská Rallye, the Český Krumlov Rallye or the Tatra Rallye.

What Škoda icons will we read about in the book? Can you name some?

The icons undoubtedly include Škoda Sport and Supersport, 1100 OHC, Spider, 200 RS, 130 RS and LR, Kit Car and WRC category Škoda cars, as well as the currently successful Fabia R5 and RS Rally2 cars.

Photo: Škoda Motorsport – competition and racing cars on posters and brochures, 1945-2023

Are you interested in the history of Škoda racing cars? Then you are at the right source.

Advertising for all these Škoda racing and competition cars was and is also very varied, from promotional materials for individual competitions to promotion carried out by the car company itself and earlier also by the export organization Motokov. The good results of racing cars on tracks at home and abroad promoted the car company and helped increase the positive image of the brand then and now.

How did you verify the technical data? After all, sources on the Internet and in archives often differ…

It was not easy, hours spent in archives, comparing period literature and printed and electronic sources with each other. In addition to the technical data of the cars, the publication also contains authentic stories and some details from the races, all of which will be a great contribution of the book in addition to attractive well-known and lesser-known posters.

Did Škoda Auto itself or the current Škoda Motorsport teams help you both in the creation?

Škoda Auto supported the publication of the book, the data and documents obtained from the Škoda Motorsport department and the Škoda Auto Archive were also a great help. Posters and programs were contributed to the book by other collectors and fan brands, whether it was the archive of Světa Škodovek or individual posters taken from various walls of rooms and garages. However, the book was based on materials from our private collections.

Photo: Škoda Motorsport – competition and racing cars on posters and brochures, 1945-2023

The project was supported by the Škoda Auto car company, but also by private collectors and fans.

Did any car racers who actually drove the cars in question at the time collaborate on the book?

Yes, we worked with former drivers to identify the cars photographed on some of the posters, some even contributed posters from their archives. This book is also a tribute to all those who took part in the design and development of Škoda competition and racing cars, and to all those who contributed to the good name and glory of the brand by winning laurels behind their steering wheels.

Come to the baptism!

The christening of the book will take place in PVA Letňany at the Glasurit Classic Expo 2023 event on Saturday, October 28 at 2:00 p.m. in hall number 5. Subsequent sales for interested parties will take place on the 28th-29th. October 2023.

Photo: Škoda Motorsport – competition and racing cars on posters and brochures, 1945-2023

The price of the book is set at 790 CZK. Would that be a tip for Christmas?

The book, like the previous titles, will continue to be sold both through motoring portals and in the networks of brick-and-mortar stores and Luxor portals and others. It is also expected to be sold at the Škoda Auto Museum in Mladá Boleslav or the Škoda Museum in Mrač u Benešov and other places. The price is set at CZK 790 per copy.