Tom Walkinshaw Racing has been synonymous with powerful road and racing machines for many years. Now it is alive again.

Founded by racing driver Tom Walkinshaw, TWR has been in the automotive industry since 1975, based in Kidlington, near Oxford, England. She originally worked for privateers before racing Mazda and Rover cars. But TWR is most famous for its partnership with Jaguar, which began in 1982 with the successful deployment of the XJS model in the European Touring Car Championship. The partnership continued and in 1988 TWR-Jaguar won their first 24 Hours of Le Mans with the XJR-9.

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In 1990 they achieved another victory at Le Mans. With Jaguar, they formed JaguarSport to produce modified versions of Jaguar cars, culminating in the production of the XJ220 and XJR-15 sports cars at the new Bloxham plant. After Ford’s acquisition of Jaguar in 1989, relations with TWR cooled and JaguarSport was liquidated in 1994. The Bloxham plant was reworked to produce Aston Martin cars, which was then also owned by Ford.

TWR continued to have racing success with other manufacturers, notably winning Le Mans in 1996 and 1997 with the Porsche TWR WSC-95. However, the costs incurred by the purchase of the Arrows Formula 1 team in 1996 led to the closure of TWR in 2002.

This E-Type has an extraordinary meaning for the owner, which is why he treated it to a renovation directly at Jaguar.  What makes it so special?

Now comes the founder’s son, Fergus Walkinshaw. As part of the revival of the brand, TWR wants to become a world leader in the construction of powerful cars, either under its own direction or in cooperation with car companies, similar to what it once did with Jaguar. The first project is already in preparation and should be revealed shortly.

“I am very proud that the TWR name will live on for a new generation. The Walkinshaw family has high-end engineering in their blood, and ever since the original TWR closed its doors, I’ve been keen to find a way to continue the family legacy. Through this new iteration of TWR, we can not only celebrate the history and legacy of the original TWR, but also push the boundaries of our projects further than ever before.” reported by Fergus Walkinshaw.

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“This new generation of TWR is primarily a design company that will build cars, not a car company that does design. And that is an important difference. We will use cutting-edge technology, combine new expertise with traditional craftsmanship to create world-class products that will be a statement of what this new TWR is all about. Our aim is to produce truly impressive and innovative cars that will not be constrained by the regulations and styling requirements of OEMs.” he added.