Sung Kang is a well-known lover of fast bikes, he is preparing a beautiful gift for fans of the Japanese series.

Connoisseurs of Japanese car culture certainly do not need to introduce the series Initial D, which was based on the manga series of the same name, published since 1995. Its theme is illegal races in the mountains of Japan, involving a student Takumi Fujiwara, who gained incredible skills behind the wheel thanks to the delivery of tofu in the family Toyota Sprinter Trueno, alias Hačiroku according to the designation AE86. According to the series, there was already one (and it must be said hilarious) film under the baton of the Hong Kong company, in which local actors played and Takumi was played by Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.

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Also without much introduction is actor Sung Kang, who first appeared in the third installment of The Fast and the Furious titled Tokyo Drift as street racer Han Lue. While filming, he rediscovered his passion for cars, taught himself to drift, and his car collection includes, for example, a Datsun 240Z with an RB25 engine, a Nissan 240SX, a classic Mustang Fastback and others. Now he has announced that he is preparing a new live adaptation of Initial D, for which the main star is already being created – the Toyota AE86 in the classic “panda” color. And it is prepared by none other than Akira Nakai, the famous Porsche tuner with his RWB workshop. Kang told the South China Morning Post that it will be a fun and informative film that will express his passion for cars. We are looking forward to it.