The concept of the next MX-5 (although the Japanese themselves do not even want to hear about such a comparison) was brought by Mazda to the domestic auto show in Tokyo and, unsurprisingly, caused a wave of enthusiasm. The vision is labeled Iconic SP and according to the creators, it does not represent any specific model, but serves as a demonstration of technologies that the brand can use in the coming years.

The technology derived from the recently introduced crossover MX-30 R-EV, which is a plug-in hybrid with a rotary engine, works in the guts of the novelty. Here, however, it’s twin-rotor (the MX-30 has only one rotor), and the drive offers a system output of 370 horsepower. Here, too, the battery capacity should be 17.8 kWh, and after its discharge, the car can continue thanks to the Wankel, which, however, does not drive the wheels directly, but serves as an electrical energy generator.

Additionally, Mazda says the sports car derived from the Iconic SP concept could run on “a variety of fuels, including hydrogen.” And since the drive can be arranged in various ways in the guts, an optimal weight distribution with a low center of gravity can also be achieved. That’s why the sporty vision has a rotary engine in the middle and a battery in the floor. By the way, the curb weight of the concept is only 1,450 kilograms, which is a great figure for today.

Photo: Mazda

Just a concept, you say? Mazda could send such a car to production from scratch.

The two-seater sports car has a length of 4,180 millimeters and a wheelbase of 2,590 mm, so it significantly outgrows the Mazda MX-5 and is closer in size to the Alpina A110. A look inside the cabin also suggests that the Iconic SP is primarily focused on the driver. There is a touch screen inside, but overall the interior is very minimalistic, the steering wheel has a traditional round shape and sports seats with prominent lateral lines. Our opinion? Off to production!

“We are presenting the technologies with which compact sports cars can be endowed in the future. But if the response is positive, it may accelerate the launch of such a drive in selected markets,” said Jeff Guyton, the brand’s chief financial officer, at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Some time ago, Mazda announced significant investments aimed at the electrification of the portfolio. It intends to introduce several new hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric cars by 2027, with the entire model range expected to be electrified a year later. And the current MX-5? According to behind-the-scenes information, it should remain in production for at least another three years.

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