The Barbarian is one of the most distinctive horror films of recent years. It tells the story of a young woman who discovers that she has rented a house that is already occupied. But he arrives at the place at night and doesn’t have much choice, as the surrounding hotels are occupied, so he stays there. During the night, however, he discovers that an unknown roommate is not the worst thing that resides in the house.

At first glance, making a video game out of this movie might seem like a rather odd choice, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Company New Regency Pictures and development studio Diversion3 Entertainmentwhich created Friday the 13th: The Game and Evil Dead: The Game, have teamed up to create Barbarian game on PC and console. Despite the multiplayer format of previous projects, it will be about single player title focused on the quest. At the same time, the film plot will be significantly changed and expanded about other scary creatures (the plot should take place mostly in underground tunnels). A release timeframe has not yet been set.

“We are very excited to work with the New Regency team to expand the setting, characters and creatures,” Tim Hesse, executive producer of Diversion3 Entertainment, said in a statement to Variety. “The film did a great job not only of scaring the audience with its unexpected and terrifying twists, but also of creating strong characters who find themselves in terrifying situations. We look forward to developing these themes further in the game.”

A direct adaptation of the movie story probably wouldn’t work as a game. But it certainly has the potential to work as a thrilling survival horror.