If you own a dog, maybe you have ever thought on a walk that it would be useful to know where your pet just ran or how far away it is from you, instead of calling it a long time. And did you know it’s possible? There are GPS locators on the market designed specifically for four-legged pets.

Due to their miniature dimensions and weight, these GPS can easily be attached to a collar or harness (a special collar is usually included in the delivery). Thanks to the durability, which usually includes waterproofing, even rain or snow is not a problem.

As for recording the location, i.e. the most essential function of the device, the GPS locator for dogs sends the current location of the animal directly to the owner’s mobile phone or PC. This location is updated every minute. For this purpose, you can download a special application or use a web portal.

A big advantage is that this way you don’t only have to track the current location of your dog or cat, which is especially useful if it runs or follows game tracks, but you can also use GPS to record your pet’s condition (number of kilometers per walk). . The route taken by the animal is recorded on the map, thanks to which you can return to it. GPS is also ideal in the event that something happens to an animal, as it can be found very easily and quickly using the coordinates on the map.

You also don’t have to worry about having to charge the GPS after every walk. The REXpet GPS offers up to 3 days of battery life and easy charging with the included USB charging cable.

This GPS locator is a good choice for owners who like an overview or own a wild animal that runs in the morning or gets carried away by its hunting passion. But it can also be useful for smaller breeds of dogs that listen to the word. Even such small breeds can easily get lost. Similarly, it is also ideal for cats that sometimes like to go on long trips around the area.

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