It is a well-known fact that car companies sometimes turn to successful racers when developing cars, and not just from the world of F1. But the Zeekr brand went a step further in the case of the 44-year-old Räikkönen. It seems that she offered the 2007 world champion an official position.

A position called “Chief Performance Advisor” may sound a little strange, but at the same time it’s also really quite official. Among other things, the automaker boasted about the successful “recruitment” on the social network X (formerly Twitter), where it published a 24-second video in which Kimi confirms the new job for the Chinese Zeekr with a typically calm and seemingly uninvolved expression.

The new Chief Performance Advisor’s first task will be to improve the sharp Zeekr 001 FR model. Räikkönen is supposed to work with the engineers mainly to tune the chassis and drivetrain.

And these are precisely the areas that the Chinese brand really shouldn’t underestimate. The recently introduced Zeekr 001 FR, which we can consider a competitor to the Tesla Model S Plaid, is powered by four electric motors that provide a maximum system output of 930 kW (1,265 hp).

Check out the Zeekr 001 video.Video: Zeekr

In addition to the enormous power, the presence of four motors has great potential to offer a sophisticated torque vectoring solution.

The car also received a rather aggressive looking carbon body kit, a chassis using parts from KW or massive brakes from AP Racing.

The manufacturer also claims the ability to accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.07 seconds, but this time is valid for acceleration not from zero, but from moving at minimum speed – i.e. for the so-called rolling start.

The electric motors draw energy from a 100 kW battery, which, thanks to the 800 V on-board architecture, can be recharged from 10 to 80 percent in about fifteen minutes on a suitable charger.