So far in camouflage, but with practical shapes and tuned aerodynamics. This could be a big hit.

For the electric ID.7 with a backpack on its back, Volkswagen abandons the traditional designation of its station wagons Variant and comes with a new name – Tourer. For now, the car is presented to us with camouflage, but we do not expect major deviations from the already known ID.7 in the form of a limousine, especially in the front sections. The rear appears useful and VW has already revealed what it hides: 545 liters of volume in the basic configuration and up to 1714 liters with the backrests folded down.

The new Volkswagen ID.7 has the first Czech prize!  The base is not overpriced, there is almost nothing missing in the equipment

We also already know that the car will have a drag coefficient of 0.24, while the sedan has 0.23. It can thus be expected that the maximum range will be a hair less than the 618 kilometers for the limousine.

It cannot be expected that the technology inside would differ in any way from the already known ID.7 – the battery will have a usable capacity of 77 kWh, the electric motor at the back has a power of 210 kW and a torque of 545 Nm, the weight will exceed 2.1 tons. Production of the ID.7 Tourer will take place in Emden, we can look forward to the premiere in 2024.