Although Tesla’s sales statistics are dominated by the Model Y SUV, we cannot forget the ticket to the world of this electric brand, which is the recently rejuvenated Model 3. As part of the fundamental modifications, aerodynamics (Cx 0.219), body stiffness and chassis tuning were improved, and acoustic glass was added, two new colors and thinner lights.

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

Matrix lamps? They won’t be yet.

The main one, the diode one, does not yet offer advanced Matrix technology, and it is still not certain whether this hi-tech lighting, which today also has the rejuvenated Škoda Scala or Kamiq, will be included in the car’s equipment at all.

New materials, seats, and ambient lighting have been added to the interior. A fundamental change is the advanced 15.4-inch central display, where almost all controls are hidden. And that’s a crime against ergonomics, especially when driving, when you don’t want to fiddle with the touch screen to set the temperature or turn on the heated seats.

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

The cabin is dominated by a central display with a diagonal of 15.4 inches (39.116 cm).

A smaller 8-inch display is available at the bottom rear, through which passengers can control the temperature, air flow and entertainment system. Given Tesla’s potential and regular updates, we can look forward to more features in the near future.

What the car probably won’t get, however, is an instrument panel, which could replace at least a head-up display. In the triple Tesla, you have the main data on the touch screen, but not in front of your eyes. A solution in the form of an additional chapel is offered unofficially and you can easily buy it on AliExpress.

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

The seats are also new, and you can only choose between black and black-and-white.

As part of the modernization, the car also lost the control levers, so the activation of the blinkers moved to the steering wheel, while the choice of direction of travel to the touch screen. As a result, the interior became even more minimalistic than before the facelift.

Quality and savings

We had the opportunity to view the modernized Model 3 live at the static tour held in the Tesla showroom in Prague. Remembering the infamous quality of the early pieces from 2018, our eye thoroughly examined the bodywork, but except for two flaws, we could not find anything to criticize the car for.

Photo: Jan Majurník

For a car worth a million, we would have expected the alignment to be better.

So we were not excited by the fifth door covering the giant rear trunk, which simply doesn’t fit well with the roof rails and rear bumper with fenders. We understand that this is an American car made in China, but even the affordable Dacia manages to look decent these days.

The second factor was the paintwork with an orange structure, which is nothing you wouldn’t find in a seven-figure Bavarian for five million, but it’s also not something that doesn’t annoy us. In the name of ecology and savings, almost all manufacturers have switched to water-based varnishes, which dry quickly, which is how the paint was painted.

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

Pull-out handles no longer have to be a scarecrow, the door can be unlocked via the app.

We also looked at recessed door handles, which (in general) sometimes like to freeze in winter, but Tesla has a solution for this ailment in the form of a remote-controlled door bounce.

Unlike the exterior, we found nothing wrong with the workmanship inside the cabin. The quality of the interior has improved, new materials have been added. The dashboard doesn’t creak like it used to, and the promised improvement in body rigidity could eliminate other annoying noises. However, only driving will tell.

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

A panoramic roof is standard – whether you want it or not.

If we talk about the design of the cabin, it belongs to the simpler ones, but that’s a matter of taste. We criticize only the neglected ergonomics (everything in the touch screen) and the absence of an instrument panel or control levers. Sure, someone will get used to this different style, but for another, this interface may be more of a “no-go” zone.

Tesla on the scales

Although the car is known for its design solutions applied to save costs, there are also a number of advantages represented primarily by range and price. The Model 3 is a 4.72 meter long five-seater sedan, which in the version with rear axle drive can travel 513 km on a single charge in optimal conditions (charging up to 170 kW), while in the four-wheel drive with two electric motors up to 629 km (charging up to 250 kW ).

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 offers a certified range of 513 or 629 km.

No less impressive is the rear-wheel drive’s acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, i.e. 4.4 seconds for the 4 × 4 variant. The weight then amounts to 1,765 kg and 1,828 kg respectively.

You don’t really have to think about anything when configuring the car, the equipment is more or less fixed. You just choose the design (4 × 2, 4 × 4), one of five colors (white, blue, black, red, gray), wheels (18, 19 inches), if you want a set of winter wheels or towing equipment (up to 1,000 kg ). You also decide on the color of the interior (black, white) and whether you pay extra for the extended functions of level 2.5 semi-autonomous driving, controversially called Autopilot and the ability to drive fully autonomously, or for a charging wallbox.

Thanks to the fact that you do not choose any packages, you will receive a decently equipped car within two to six weeks, and the manufacturer will also save a lot of money on production and logistics. It’s such a “win-win” for both sides.

The most affordable newly facelifted Tesla model starts at 1,053,990 CZK, while the more powerful four-wheeler will cost 1,253,990 CZK as standard. The first cars have already been physically produced and will head to their customers in the coming days. Although it is a vehicle full of compromises, it is serious competition for other manufacturers in the field of electromobility, as the price/equipment/range ratio is at a really interesting level. So the Model 3 is definitely worth placing on the imaginary scales.

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