You can still buy a Toyota Land Cruiser 76 new, and even made in Europe. It premiered in Geneva.

Modern times are rushing forward in leaps and bounds. Cars are getting more and more complex and vulnerable, so when you want to operate in inhospitable conditions, you’re probably going to go back to a simple piece of good iron. This is the reason why the Toyota Land Cruiser 76 is still produced according to the original recipe and is still very popular. Even the UN, which operates a large fleet of them as part of humanitarian activities, is aware of this.

It is therefore not surprising that Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings chose Geneva, the seat of the United Nations, for the premiere of the new Land Cruiser GDJ76, which it produces along with other versions. The ten-seater station wagon is based on the modernized Japanese and Australian versions. Under the hood, it has a new 1GD-FTV four-cylinder diesel engine mated to an automatic transmission. Despite the loss of two cylinders compared to its predecessor, the 2.8-liter large engine provides 30% better consumption and an increase in power from 129 to 201 hp. Thanks to lower emission values, it meets the Euro 4 standard.

The new Toyota Land Cruiser officially: Terrain remained a priority.  It's a blocky retro with an ideal engine

The European version is heavily purpose-built. You won’t find automatic high beam switching, a digital instrument panel, or touchscreen infotainment. However, it will offer manually lockable wheel hubs for greater security. Although it has a more modern drive, the predecessor HZJ76 will remain in production. The new model has less space under the hood, which will require a new solution for placing a pair of batteries, a larger alternator and powering external equipment such as coolers for transporting vaccines. Many clients may therefore prefer an older model. The first cars will head to the UN in March next year as part of the first major order.