By the way, Volkswagen chose the nickname Tourer for it – instead of the adjective Variant, which we usually associate with the VW station wagon. Only in the case of the Arteon model, the station wagon bears the name Shooting Brake.

The ID.7 electric car will replace the Arteon in the range, but it will also function as an electric alternative to the Passat, to which it is close in size. The new Passat, which will be available exclusively as a station wagon, measures 4,917 mm in length, while the ID.7 in the liftback version measures 4,961 mm. We do not yet know the length of the station wagon, but it will certainly not be significantly different from the liftback.

What about the luggage compartment? Volkswagen has already revealed that the trunk will offer a basic volume of 545 liters and up to 1,714 liters after folding the rear seat backrests, plus an almost two-meter loading area. For comparison, the new Passat has a 690- to 1,920-liter trunk. So the ID.7 Tourer leads quite significantly.

The design is revealed by two newly published photos of the ID.7 Tourer. Although the car is hidden under a camouflage foil with an autumn motif, the shape of the body of the more practical variant of the ID.7 model is clearly visible. Volkswagen will “release” more images in the coming months, the station wagon will go on sale next year.

Photo: Volkswagen

The ID.7 Tourer does not dazzle with its trunk volume, but VW promises a lot of space in the interior, mainly thanks to the long wheelbase and short body overhangs.

In the case of the ID.7 Tourer, Volkswagen highlights excellent aerodynamics and reveals that the drag coefficient is only 0.2402. In the case of liftback it is 0.2304.

The technique should be identical to that of the already presented liftback. The base is an improved MEB platform, and the drive should be provided by an electric motor with a power of 210 kW (286 hp) and a torque of 545 Nm, which spins the rear wheels via a single-speed gearbox. In time, however, an even more powerful version with two electric motors and all-wheel drive will surely arrive.

The basic version of the Pro relies on a battery with a capacity of 77 kWh, which, according to the manufacturer, enables the liftback to have a range of up to 618 km. A Pro S version with an 86kWh battery and a range of up to 700 kilometers will be added later. The ID.7 Tourer will certainly have the same batteries, but the range will be slightly lower due to the less aerodynamic bodywork.

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