Energy prices are still very high, so it is not surprising that many people are thinking about ways to save. One of the proven methods is the acquisition of photovoltaics. A home photovoltaic power plant is an excellent way to achieve energy independence while saving the environment. It is therefore not surprising that interest in the installation of photovoltaics among consumers continues to grow rapidly.

At the same time, the savings are significant. You will save 50-80% during the year of operation of the domestic photovoltaic power plant, which is worthwhile considering that the price of gas and electricity on the market cannot be expected to drop in the future. In addition, the accumulation of energy in the batteries ensures that you can draw on renewable energy even when the sun is not shining.

A big advantage is the possibility to combine a photovoltaic power plant with a heat pump, thanks to which you can get rid of dependence on natural gas. It is also useful to be independent of supplies in the event of a blackout or interruption of the power supply. The own source will also be appreciated by people living outside the distribution networks. In the same way, photovoltaics will be useful for companies, which can save considerable costs.

Installing a photovoltaic power plant is surprisingly easy and quick (usually within 2-4 days). Photovoltaic panels are also very easy to maintain and almost fail-safe. The disadvantage is a relatively high initial investment, which, however, will return within 2 to 7 years. The good news is that those interested in photovoltaics (but perhaps also a heat pump) can take advantage of state subsidies (New green savings program), up to 50% of the purchase costs.

There is a relatively large number of companies on the market dedicated to the installation of photovoltaic power plants. Photovoltaics Brno is also one of them, which provides turnkey PV systems for both family homes and corporate buildings.