The traditional auto-moto exchange Retro Garage, which has been associated with live vintage auctions for a few years, is usually supplemented with a raffle, the main prize of which used to be a cheaper Jawa 50 Pionýr or Babetta moped.

Photo: Retro Garage

The main prizes in the Retro Garage raffle are more attractive every year.

Over time, however, the winning bar has been raised, which is why you could compete for a small Jawa Kývačka or most recently for a Jawa 350/638 at previous events. However, this year’s autumn event will be different, not only with auctioned cars, but also with the main raffle prize.

The organizer of this event, chief retro garage owner Pavel Kočí, bought a beautiful Jawa 250/559 Panelka in original condition for the raffle. In addition, the motorcycle has a front plexiglass, engine covers, half covers of the rear wheels with flashing lights and so-called “revmaplechy”, i.e. protective shields protecting the rider’s legs.

Photo: Retro Garage

Competition Jawa 250/559 Panelka has a number of accessories.

The machine also has valid, rewritable Czechoslovak documents and a small hexagonal registration mark. The market value of such a machine in this condition, including equipment and documents, is currently around 90,000 CZK! And that’s an interesting win, don’t you think?

How to win Jawa in the raffle?

Now that you know what’s at stake, the question is how to win? The mechanics are simple, transparent and without hooks. Everyone has a chance to win, but you can increase your chances of success even more.

Photo: Retro Garage

The market value of such a panel is about 90,000 CZK.

Every purchased visitor ticket (entrance fee 150 CZK per person, children under 150 cm free) is raffleable, so you only need to go to the raffle booth with this invalidated ticket (entrance confirmed by the organizer) and exchange it there for a raffleable ticket for Panelka with a serial number.

It is also possible to buy additional raffle tickets, which can increase the winning potential even more. The basic one costs CZK 20 and gives you the chance to win one of the secondary prizes (hat, mug, etc.), or a raffle ticket for Panelka. If you prefer to go the direct route, you can buy a panel raffle ticket for 50 CZK.

The winning Jawa Panelka will appear as a photo model even before she passes along with the power of attorney for transfer into the hands of the new owner. And you can take advantage of it. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself on this machine, immediately share the picture on social networks Facebook or Instagram, tag Retro Garage in the post and then prove this fact at the raffle booth. For this, you will receive one potentially winning ticket to Panelka for free.

The big draw will take place at the autumn Retro Garage on November 11, 2023 at noon in the main courtyard of the Exhibition Center in Lysá nad Labem, where we cordially invite you as media partners of the event.