The right choice of car will make its ownership, as well as the subsequent sale, more pleasant. Which model sells the fastest here?

Car claims change over the course of a lifetime. While a small hatchback or two-seat coupe/roadster is enough for us in the beginning, with the arrival of the family we sell these pets and exchange them for practical MPVs, SUVs and station wagons. By the way, they are the most popular among the Czech clientele, and according to the frequency of checks carried out by carVertical this year, they have a 44.6% share. The SUV phenomenon clearly does not apply here. When changing a car, the vast majority of Czechs go to the secondary market. Due to the huge interest, it is 3.5 times larger than with new cars. Rising prices of newly manufactured cars also play into his favor.

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When craving a new family car, so that a person prepares an amount of around a million. Few really want that. In contrast, last year the average price of a car sold on the secondary market was almost 300,000 CZK, while 700,000 were sold.

When buying, a number of people consider not only their needs, but also the global liquidity of the given car, which will facilitate a possible further exchange. If you think that the Czech idol in the form of the Škoda Octavia is an obvious choice, you are wrong. You will sell this in an average of 45 days, similar to the Volkswagen Golf. There are a lot of both models on the market, which reduces the probability that the interested party will choose your piece.

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According to statistics, the Dacia Dokker is sold the fastest, in an average of 26 days. It is a cheap but extremely practical car with a sufficient engine that does not eat much. In second place is the Suzuki Grand Vitara, which you can sell in 28 days, and in third place, somewhat surprisingly, are the Kia Stonic, Opel Crossland and Toyota Aygo, with a month-long sales period. This sample well reflects the thrifty attitude of the Czechs.

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This means that you need to be patient when selling premium brands. For example, you will have to wait 66 days on average for a BMW 6 Series. It will probably take you two months to sell a Range Rover, Land Rover Defender, Lexus RX or Toyota Land Cruiser. On the other hand, the Porsche Cayenne is quite liquid at 31 days. It should be noted that we are talking about liquidity, the volume of sales is of course dominated by all domestic Škoda models, led by the Fabia and Octavia.

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So far, we have been talking about cars with an internal combustion engine, but the number of electric cars among used cars is growing. So is the number of units sold, but expect a bumpy road. On the one hand, they are generally more expensive, but also various prejudices survive in people. They are especially worried about the condition of the battery. Perhaps the position of electric cars will be improved by the condition guarantee program, which is in the process.