With Martin Vaculík behind the wheel of the new BMW i5 M60 xDrive and Tomáš Dusil with a used Mercedes C W204. We will also discover the possibility of buying a Berlingo with an internal combustion engine and compare different financing methods. Tonight at 8:30pm on Nova Action or Voyo!

Today at 20:30 on Nova Action. A na Voyo

Like every Wednesday evening, you can count on a new episode of TV World of Motors. The ninth episode of the second series will be broadcast by Nova Action today, November 1, at 8:30 p.m. All broadcast parts are also on Voyo.

Martin Vaculík and 601 electric horses in the BMW i5 M60 xDrive

Martin Vaculík and the new BMW 5, that’s a big deal. What is the next generation of the long-standing benchmark of the thoroughbred sedan class? In addition, it will be the best and fastest version (until the arrival of the new M5), which is now purely electric. Is it a functional, better and faster car, or nothing compares to the internal combustion engines with which BMW won crowds of fans?

Tomáš Dusil and a used Mercedes C W204: Available rear wheel drive

If you also love detailed technical breakdowns and experts behind the scenes on the jack, Tomáš Dusil will have you covered. Today, he will show off an interesting used car, the Mercedes C-class from 2011. What do you need to take into account for a smaller but premium sedan with a classic concept and is it worth it?

The Berlingo with an internal combustion engine is no longer sold. Or yes?

The automotive concern Stellantis announced at the beginning of last year that it will offer small family vans in Europe with electric drive only. Among them is the popular Citroën Berlingo, which has become a replacement for spacious cars for larger families. However, there is still the option of getting a car with an internal combustion engine, the N1 version, which is utility on paper, but has normal seats. Leoš Káňa looks at her teeth.

Comparison of three financing methods

Cars these days need to choose the right financing method. Operative leasing can be interesting even for private individuals. Then we have modern types of loans that allow you to decide on everything at the end of repayment. Or simply plant it “on wood”? David Šprincl compares these 3 methods.