That’s what we call the right accessory! Someone will offer you carpets or roof racks, while others will offer a kit for the power of a supersport.

Of course, Ford, represented by the Performance division, cannot be missing at the SEMA show. Here she showed interesting accessories for her cars. For the Mustang, she prepared an FP800S kit with a lowered chassis, the option to purchase a Borla exhaust with four 12.7-centimeter diameter tailpipes and, most importantly, a three-liter Whipple compressor of the 6th generation.

Ford publishes the parameters of the new Mustang.  The circuit-focused Dark Horse has 500 horsepower!

The package also includes patented dual air, dual water and dual intercooler technology, a generously sized heat exchanger and high-flow intercooler pump, high-flow twin-jet fuel injectors, high-flow alloy fuel rails, 92mm throttle body, 120mm twin fuel system, dual high-flow filters and Tomahawk V2 flash with data recording capability.

The kit can be used on all seventh-generation Mustangs with a five-liter eight-cylinder, it has been tested according to Ford standards in terms of durability, and you get a three-year warranty with a mileage of up to 58,000 kilometers. According to Ford, the maximum output will be at least 597 kW, or 811 horses. The compressor will go on sale next year, and a similar kit is in preparation for a sharper version of the Dark Horse Mustang.

TEST Ford Mustang Mach-E AWD 91 kWh: Volts ring above the herd of horses

Furthermore, a modified Ranger with ARB chassis parts, strength bumpers, an on-board supercharger and a refrigerator was also presented at the SEMA show. For the smaller Bronco, an increase in clearance by six centimeters is available, together with 17″ wheels in 35″ tires, a Borla exhaust and software calibration of the 2.3 EcoBoost engine. For the F-150, Mustang, Bronco and Explorer models, Ford then begins to offer complete vinyl decals in sixty colors.