Irmscher improves the current Black Phantom package for the Opel Zafira. It will be twice as rare as a Porsche 959.

We already had a Rolls-Royce here, which would be the ideal carriage for Count Dracula. We also wrote about the BMW, which looks like his butler’s servant, but what if Mr. Hrabé needed to take his grandchildren to school or kindergarten?

Even the aristocratic Range Rover did not escape the attention of Mansory.  Again, it is extreme in every way

True, the German tuner Irmscher probably did not have this intention in mind when he created the new IS3 Black Phantom 2.0 package for the Opel Zafira, but the result fits this purpose perfectly. As the name suggests, this is an update of the current IS3 Black Phantom kit, which is available for the equivalent of 282,000 CZK. The modernized version may be even more expensive, as Irmscher will only produce 100 units.

Unfortunately, only one photo is available so far. It shows a complete body kit with the well-known front bumper, which makes the car more massive and dynamic to look at. It hasn’t changed much, but it looks like the sill extensions are much smoother. Perhaps this is the result of optimization after new tests in the wind tunnel. At the back, the 20-inch Hydra Star wheels cover more of the wider rear bumper. There is also a decent spoiler above the fifth door.

The Italians turned the BMW Z4 into a roadster in a classic cut.  For example, details made of fused glass will excite you

For a sleeker look, Irmscher went black and removed the Opel logo from the radiator grille. The dark shade makes the car look smaller and doesn’t make it look like a box. In order not to be completely boring, some lines are highlighted in gold and on the sides we find a sticker with the logo of the adjuster. Although the set will not be cheap, it will only be a matter of design. Nothing has changed on the diesel under the hood.