We’ve been hearing about Elon Musk’s new company xAI for several months now. However, today, November 4, this artificial intelligence company to the market will bring its first product – AI model. This is kind of a beta phase because it will be released only for the selected group (who specifically it will be, but it was not specified).

Musk promises from his UI noble things (with his characteristic grandiosity he even talked about understanding the nature of the universe) and announced that in some ways it the best that currently exists. According to his words, he is about to compete with the AI ​​models of other major companiessuch as OpenAI, Google, Meta and others.

The timing does not appear to be coincidental. Elon Musk spoke at the inaugural UK AI Security Summit this week, where the UK and US announced investments in protective systems. Additionally, OpenAI is holding its first-ever DevDay on November 6, so Musk could take the wind out of the company’s sails. Not only are the two companies rivals, Musk was actually an original board member of OpenAI in 2015 with Sam Altman before a disagreement led to his departure.

Source: engadget.com