“Bavarian Rolls-Royce” – that’s probably the best way to describe the i7 model, the current flagship of the German automaker, which has owned the British aristocratic brand since 1998 and has learned a lot from it during that time (and vice versa). And she threw all this know-how into the design and construction of the i7 – thanks to this, it sails down the road completely quietly and smoothly, the crew can enjoy themselves in luxury completely undisturbed, even the doors of the i7 can open and close by itself without the assistance of a servant.

As you can certainly understand, such a luxury limousine does not necessarily need to have 660 horsepower. Rolls-Royce most often used powerful twelve-cylinder engines, but above all for their smooth and balanced operation, which did not disturb the well-being of the crew on board. After all, they always described his performance as “adequate”. But at BMW they thought, “Why not…?”

Photo: BMW

The designation M70 means the top version of the i7.

Finally, the brand’s technological showcase should naturally also be the most advanced car on offer. The new most powerful version of the i7 M70 thus boasts the most powerful electric motor ever developed at BMW – the unit spinning the rear wheels produces a mighty 489 horsepower and comes with a whole range of improvements (six-phase electronics, high torque with low noise, reduced consumption of precious metals, etc.) . Another innovation is the traction battery of the fifth generation, which can also be found in the i5 model – but here it has an expanded capacity of 101.7 kWh instead of 81.2 kWh.

Photo: BMW

The sophisticated platform integrates the most modern technologies.

The result is a range of 488-560 km (depending on the specification) and above all a total output of 660 hp and 1,100 Nm. Thus, the i7 M70 accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and accelerates to a maximum speed of 250 km/h. The fastest electric BMW can therefore drive really fast as hell – the crushing acceleration at the start is only surpassed by the lightning reaction during flexible acceleration. Just look at the horizon, step on the gas a little – and you’re there.

Fortunately, however, all that brutal acceleration is delivered without brutal physical assaults on the crew. You feel a mysterious force pushing you into the seat, but you don’t feel like a beaten dog every time you want to enjoy this sensation. No wilderness, but a very precise and controllable dose of speed (even if it really is an elephant dose), as befits and belongs to a luxury limousine.

Photo: BMW

The new i7 is not exactly a beautiful car, but it is undoubtedly majestic and presentable.

Then when the road starts twisting, strangely enough, you suddenly forget how big and heavy the car is. Technology will also come to your aid this time – the i7 M70 is armed not only with ferocious firepower but also with the black magic of Bavarian chassis engineers. Specifically, with a specific adaptive air suspension with active stabilizers and roll control, you can have sports tires on the 21-inch wheels, and the rear wheels actively turn along with the front wheels.

Photo: BMW

Top technology helps you on straights and in corners.

In bends, the i7 shrinks around you by a number and nimbly weaves its way through the twisty asphalt, willingly listens to your steering wheel instructions, allows itself to be controlled by the gas in the curve and catapults you onto the straight at the exit, then obediently slows down on the approach to the next bend. Of course, you have to respect mass and its inertia, but the i7 M70 displays truly impressive driving skills and can move on challenging roads at speeds that are perhaps almost obscene for a car of this type.

Photo: BMW

The i7’s cabin is a truly luxurious environment and you’ll feel right at home behind the wheel, so you might as well give the personal driver a break and enjoy the joy of driving yourself.

But when you’re not in the mood for frolics, just switch the car to comfort mode and enjoy the amazing comfort on board – you’ll sprawl out in a pleasant anatomical seat, enjoy high-quality materials and their beautifully coordinated look and feel, sophisticated digitization, absolutely noiseless and smooth driving with the support of advanced driving assistants, which could easily lull you to sleep (fortunately, the car itself would alert you to a loss of concentration).

The range-topping BMW i7 M70 isn’t an “em” in the truest sense of the word, it would have to be noticeably harsher in its handling and set some dazzling times on the Nürburgring – but then it would inevitably be a bit too sharp for road use, and that’s The i7 just doesn’t fit. Think of it as a car that, in addition to comfort and luxury, will pamper you with an excess of power (so that you will not lack it in any situation) and an astonishing range of abilities. It’s simply the best car BMW currently makes.

BMW also pays for the best – the i7 M70 has a price tag of CZK 4,604,600, but you can still pay the final amount a little higher thanks to the offer of additional equipment and almost endless customization options.