Nostalgic Season was released on Friday, November 3rd Fortnite AND. The success of this title surprised – namely the number of players breaking historical highs. According to a tweet from the Fortnite team, it peaked on Saturday with a total of 44.7 million players. The players reportedly scored cumulatively 102 million hours of gameplaymaking this the strongest day in the history of the game.

With the fifth season of Chapter 4, or Fortnite OG, the game Fortnite returned to her glory days from the first chapteras she returned the player to original map of the island from 2018 and presented equipment and other elements from the past. The move paid off for the company.

The season started with an update designed based on Season 5 Chapter 1. Also, the expected upgrades will draw from other stages of the game’s history. However, it is expected that it will only run for about a month, and players waste no time to join this battle royale. The number of concurrent players (that is, those who are actively playing at the same time) increased throughout the weekend, constantly breaking existing records.

The number of concurrent players in a single day on the Friday after the update was announced almost doubled from where it was at the beginning of the week, reaching nearly 1.5 million. Within hours of its release, the number of players climbed to more than 3.9 million, according to trackers like On Saturday, the players reached the peak over 6.1 million. At the same time, Fortnite has not yet recorded such numbers.