The Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro has deviated from the regulations and will allow the driver an unfettered experience. The car also comes with a lot of racing equipment and an exclusive invitation.

It is quite logical that when a car company is involved in motorsport for a long time, it does not just keep its jewels for itself, but also offers them to private teams or mobile individuals. At the end of last year, the AMG GT2 rolled out of the pits with much fanfare, and this season it completed the final tests in the European GT2 car championship.

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Now the automaker is attracting more interested parties to the updated version of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro. The target group is enthusiasts who want a professional circuit car but don’t need to participate in racing series. This means that AMG could fully exploit the car’s potential without being bound by specific regulations.

The silver body paint with turquoise details and matching 18-inch wheels are typical of the GT2 Pro range. Freer access allows the installation of larger side spoilers and a shock absorber set adjustable in four instead of three directions. The driver now has the Push2Pass system, which will increase the output from 520 to 551 kW in a short period of time, and the six-speed sequential gearbox has adjusted gear ratios.

If the customer would still like to participate in the selected racing series, the car can be easily customized. In the carbon cocoon we can find a racing seat, a protective cage, five-point belts, a fire extinguisher, a flue system in the roof in case of fire and air conditioning. For an additional fee, you can have facilities for passengers, a cooling system for seats and helmets or a reservoir with drinks.

Equipment m

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With the equipment, AMG thought not only of the car but also of the owner. Not even if he pays CZK 11,769,030 in conversion. Compared to it, the standard GT2 “only” costs 10,050,000 CZK. So he gets a Puma racing suit including gloves, shoes and underwear. The factory design helmet is supplied by Bell.


AMG is a German company that deals with racing modifications and sports tuning of Mercedes-Benz cars. The company was founded in 1967 by Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher. Most of the time, the brand is listed as Mercedes-AMG.

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