It looks like a German Mercedes Geländewagen, is technologically based on its spartan ancestor, will offer a frame base, attachable four-wheel drive, reduction and shutters. The Czech gecko on 16-inch wheels does not yet have a name, but the manufacturer already has a few tips, with the fact that it is possible that this car will have a different name for the British and European markets.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The electric off-roader from MW Motors does not yet have an official name.

At a glance, it is clear that this is an all-terrain vehicle for work, hunting, hunting or for all people who work in the field and need to move around in it. The boxy-looking coil-sprung vehicle will also offer independent front suspension, a rigid rear axle, front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, a ground clearance of about 200 mm and a towing capacity of up to 3,000 kg.

Inside, you can tell that it is a genuine four-seater workhorse, as it will offer a minimum of upholstery and a rough plastic floor. Furthermore, practically everything that goes is made of hard plastic. On the other hand, the components are relatively well aligned, but we will see how they will fare after about 50,000 km of operation. But there is still time for that.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The interior is plastic, but it has two airbags.

In addition to solid seats and air conditioning, you will also find a multimedia display inside, which will transmit the image from the rear parking camera, or offer a radio function and other small things. However, nothing more hi-tech can be expected from this utility vehicle in terms of multimedia. We haven’t seen the instrument panel in action yet, as they are working on a new, fully digital one.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The seats have embroidery referring to the West Bohemian manufacturer MW Motors.

An interesting feature is the shifting of the reduction gear and the locks of the front and rear axles, which is done purely mechanically – with a lever and a tie rod. The drivetrain also works on the basis of cardan shafts, while there is also a reduction or an ABS system.

Czech aluminum residence

MW Motors is not only a builder of electric off-roaders, but also of compact aluminum campers. In Brno, we were able to view their Campella model live, which is practically finished and headed for sale. We wrote more about the semi-detached house HEREso take a look.

Photo: Jan Majurník

Campella in all its glory with accessories.

A humming heart from a truck

The point of this car is that it is a fully electric off-road, which has both the drive train and control unit (weight distribution), as well as a water-cooled battery with the possibility of preheating with a gross capacity of approximately 60.4 kWh (approximately 59 kWh usable) located in the front. .

Photo: Jan Majurník

The pulling force is 3,000 kg.

The front mask will change, as it will be replaced by another one, in which access to the CCS Combo 2 connector will be hidden. The charging power at the DC station should be up to 65 kW, while the three-phase on-board charger reaches 9.3 kW.

There is also an opening on the side of the car for a classic 230 V socket (single-phase, 3 kW), from which you can feed, for example, tools or other appliances. In the future, the car will be upgraded to vehicle-to-grid, so you can use it to power your house in the event of a power outage.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The electric off-road should have a range of around 260 km per charge.

According to the representatives of MW Motors, the car can travel about 260 km on a single charge or can last for about 18 engine hours. The electric motor itself is tuned to only 130 kW (176.7 horsepower), but since it comes from a truck, it has a power of up to 1,075 Nm and spins around 4,500 revolutions per minute. Given how brutal a twister it is, it will likely be limited. The same thing awaits a maximum of 180 km/h, which will probably drop to 130 to 150 km/h for safety reasons.

This three-door model, which will be supplemented by a five-door model in the future, will go on sale sometime in April next year on the British market, while the rest of Europe should wait around three months later. According to the specification, the expected price is 45 to 50,000 euros without VAT, which, converted to crowns according to the current exchange rate and including 21% tax, is about 1.33 to 1.47 million crowns. The delivery time should then be about three months, if the piece is not in stock.

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