You heard right, this motorhome will not only pamper you with impressive comfort, but you can also transport your beloved weekender on the winding Italian serpentines. The new Concorde Liner 1090 GIO is a mobile apartment with many luxurious benefits, but also a hefty price tag.

However, a car transported in the back must be no more than 4.3 meters long and 1.4 meters high. At the same time, it must not weigh more than 1,400 kilograms. Unfortunately, this excludes most modern machines from possible transport, in current production we can only think of Mazda MX-5 or Alpine A110.

The parking space lowers the ceiling of the inner bedroom, but you will certainly not suffer from a lack of comfort. In the “relaxation center” you will find a giant double bed, which is further complemented by an impressive bathroom with a sink and a built-in shower. Between the bedroom and the living room you will find a U-shaped kitchen, which does not lack a work area, a refrigerator, a skewer for food, a hob, but also a lot of storage space.

You can order the living room in countless configurations, in terms of colors and materials. You can enjoy pike perch on a log at a dining table with two benches facing each other and a dining table in the middle. The captain’s chairs in the front can also be turned into the living area, increasing the number of seats even more.

The brand new Concorde Liner 1090 GIO sits on a chassis from Mercedes. Under the hood is a 7.7-liter inline six-cylinder with an output of 299 horsepower and a mammoth torque of 1,200 newton meters. The size of the residential giant varies depending on the configuration chosen, but it can be up to 11.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and weigh over 12 tons.

And the price? It starts at 13.2 million crowns in conversion… That is, if you stick to the basics.