YouTube announced on Monday two new experimental generative artificial intelligence functions. YouTube Premium subscribers can already try the so-called summary of comments generated by artificial intelligence and chatbota, which answers questions about what you’re watching. The features are opt-in, which means you won’t see them unless you’re a paid member who opts in for testing.

AI-powered summary of comments will be comments organize by topic. YouTube used comments under Mr. videos to introduce this feature. Beast, which can be filtered out for example “more 7 day challenges”, “Lazarbeam should be in more videos”, etc. Clicking on this topic will show you complete list of related comments. However, for now, the tool will only run on some English-language videos that contain a lot of comments.

YouTube also introduced its own chatbota. An assistant based on large language models (LLM) allows you to explore the platform in much more depth by allowing you to ask questions about the content and offer related recommendations. The company says the AI ​​tool, which is similar to chatting with Bard, pulls information from YouTube and the web and provides answers without interrupting playback. Authorized users can find it under with the new Ask button in the YouTube app for Android.

YouTube Premium subscribers can sign up for these new features on the site YouTube Experiments. However, the company cautions that experimental features may not always work properly, nor will they be available for every video,