If you have a few unnecessary millions in your account, we have a tip for you where to spend them. Already on November 11, 2023, the traditional Retro Garage will take place at the Exhibition Center in Lysá nad Labem under the baton of Pavel Kočí.

Photo: Retro Garage

Pavel Kočí is behind the auctions again.

This autumn will probably go down in retro garage history as the most expensive ever, because the offered single-track and two-track vehicles have the potential to surpass all auctions of this project that have taken place so far.

However, it will traditionally start from one crown, namely popular motorcycles such as the Jawa 50/20 Pionýr, Pařez or perhaps the Jawetta 50 Sport. As part of the crown auctions, there will also be one special item called Motoscoot Jawa 50/555 New Pionýr in a limited edition with production number 0000001!

Photo: Retro Garage

The modern Pionýr from the limited edition bears the anniversary number 0000001.

Yes, it is the very first limited “new pin” produced, which differs from other limited editions by its unique dark red metallic with hand-made gold lines. The classic two-year warranty will then apply to the machine from 2006.

In addition to the Čezety 175, with which you get an original PRIM watch, the Jawa 250/623 Bizon (Tatoušek) or the Jawa 175 Special will also be offered. Is it nothing extra? So read on.

Photo: Retro Garage

The much-discussed Tatoušek is also headed for sale.

What would you say about the original Kawasaki KZP (KZ 1000 Police) police motorcycle from 1993, which at one time in its model line displaced such iconic machines as Harley-Davidson or BMW from Western police departments?

Exactly this fully operational piece in the original police design is heading to this auction, it has also been extensively serviced, has a fresh TK and you will get a period uniform of the St. Louis including helmet. The starting price will be CZK 90,000.

Photo: Retro Garage

The police Kawasaki is one of the solid uniques, and it also comes with a police kit.

One track holy grails

All three types of Jawa 500 OHC 15 will definitely rank among the single-track holy grails. All three machines come from one private collection, have been renovated with the use of original parts (with some exceptions) and have a complete import technical, so all you have to do is win the auction, adjust is, register, sit and ride.

Photo: Retro Garage

Type 15/02 also has a sidecar and a PAV trolley.

In addition to the type 02, you get a Velorex 560 sidecar and a PAV trailer, which creates a perfect riding set suitable for weekend trips. As the 500 OHC is highly valued, the price tags will start at 650,000 CZK (type 02), 690,000 CZK (type 01) and 790,000 CZK (type 00). We don’t even need to remind you that these machines have a potential of millions.

But pint-liter jaws are far from being the pinnacle of single-stroke motorcycles, because Kočí managed to secure two sidecars for the auction. But no Alfa, Grand or even Golden, but 500 BDS and 350 BCS motorcycles. And those, please, are the holy grails of the Czechoslovak holy grails.

Photo: Retro Garage

The Praga 500 BDS has a chance to become the most expensive motorcycle auctioned at Retro Garage.

The Prague pint is in original condition, stored for a long time, unused, waiting for the new owner to decide what will happen to it. The 350 BCS model has already had one old renovation using original parts, as well as a revival service.

In any case, both machines are among extreme rarities and their price will only increase. The auction base also corresponds to this, when the Praga 500 BDS starts at CZK 890,000, while the 350 BCS starts at CZK 790,000. And estimated final prices? Amounts of 1.5 and 1.3 million crowns are calculated.

Photo: Retro Garage

The Praga 350 BCS will not be thrown away either, it is expected to sell for 1.3 million crowns.

Two-track rarities

And now to machines that have four wheels. Here, the Škoda 105 S with a mileage of less than 840 km, which is also documented by a forensic expert, impresses. The refurbished car is in almost new condition except for a few small things, and it also has the original warranty card and service book.

Photo: Retro Garage

The Škoda 105 S from 1985 has driven 834 km, which is also documented by a forensic expert.

It is expected that the new owner will drive the machine, so it has been revived after years of storage and all that remains is to adjust it and register it for “vetenots”. The starting price of this rarity will be a quarter of a million, but the final hammer price may reach half a million crowns.

Other gems going to the auction after that are Škoda Felicia, of course not the modern one, but the original open one, which also has an original hardtop. According to the international classification of condition (1-5), the solidly renovated model received a grade of 3, i.e. “good” at school. This Felicia does not require the necessary investment and is fully functional and operable. Do you want her? It will start from 450,000 CZK.

Photo: Retro Garage

The open Felicia pays for one of the most beautiful Czechoslovak cars.

After 25 years of standing in a secured garage, the Škoda Rapid from 1938, i.e. the original, saw the light of day. The car has all the documentation and a valid Czechoslovak technician’s license, and it was revived before the auction. The starting price is set at CZK 350,000.

In addition, two thresholds will enter the auction, one less rare, the other more rare. The first is a Piccolo from 1932 after a thorough renovation carried out in 2011 and 2015. It is in absolutely exceptional condition, a completely finished car in condition to sit and drive. The starting price corresponds to this, which will be CZK 550,000.

Photo: Retro Garage

The Piccolo is a Kellner convertible, so no dozen cars.

What about Praga number two? It is a Lady model. Well, Lady is no hogo fogo, you might say, but… We’re talking about a rare first series Lady tudor two side door car. Another thing is that only 3,999 units of the Lady model were produced.

Photo: Retro Garage

The offered Praga Lady from 1937 is a Tudor design, i.e. two-door.

In addition, the car is completely renovated, fully operable. Ladyna from 1937 will appear before the auctioneer with a starting price of CZK 990,000. And where does the amount go? This will really determine the interest of the auction participants in this rarity.

Jewels of the automotive industry

Err, it’s not over yet, the real rockets are just landing. One of them is the Wikov 7/28, which was rescued from the form of a domestic tractor and rebuilt according to the original procedures into the form of an ambulance that really existed in the 1930s.

Photo: Retro Garage

The Wikov carmaker was nicknamed the Czech Rolls-Royce.

Since the model was built from scratch, attention was paid to even the smallest details. In addition, it is an ambulance of the brand Wikov, i.e. from the car company that earned the nickname the Czech Rolls-Royce. The new owner of the car will also receive the publication Automobilka Wikov, which is a three-part almanac of knowledge about this Prostejov company. Are you interested? Prepare at least CZK 850,000, but almost twice as much after the final blow of the auction hammer.

And finally, the queen of all personal Tatra cars, rare, legendary, iconic… Tatra T700! It is a silver piece from 1996, specifically the sixth car produced from the first 40-piece sharp series, whose first owner was the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Photo: Retro Garage

The Tatra T700, rare in itself, is not seen very often at auctions.

This “seven kilo” changed hands only in 2002 and has remained with him until now. The current owner deals with the maintenance, repairs and sales of these Tatras, so the car was in good hands. According to the available data, the model has undergone an extensive service and is ready for operation without further necessary investments. Hopefully some of the cosmetics will be found.

The offered T700 with the standard 3.5 liter V8 200 hp engine will start from 1,750,000 CZK, however there is potential up to 5,000,000 CZK. And if that happens, it would be an absolute record.

As part of the event, there will also be a raffle, in which you will be playing for an equipped Jawa Panelka with rewritable documents worth CZK 90,000. Each visitor ticket is redeemable for a potential winning number. You can get more information and other tips on how to win in this article.

In any case, Retro Garage 2023 autumn will not only be about auctions, but also about fun, as the classic indoor auto-moto market will also be held in Lysá nad Labem. You too can come and see the public auction and the stock exchange, already on November 11 at the Výstaviště area. The event starts at eight in the morning and the entrance fee is CZK 150. So don’t hesitate and come see if it will be the most expensive Retro Garage in history.

Model and year of manufacture Starting price
JAWA 50/20 PIONEER (1972) 1 CZK
JAWA 50/550 PIONEER “STUMP” (1958) 1 CZK
JAWETTA 50/551 SPORT (1961) 1 CZK
JAWA 50/555 NEW PIONEER (2006) 1 CZK
Model and year of manufacture Starting price
CEZETA 175/501 (1958) 60,000 CZK
JAWA 250/623 BIZON (1972) 140,000 CZK
KAWASAKI KZ 1000 POLICE (1993) 90,000 CZK
JAVA 175 SPECIAL (1946) 150,000 CZK
Model and year of manufacture Starting price
JAWA 500 OHC TYP 15/02 (1957) 650,000 CZK
JAWA 500 OHC TYP 15/01 (1956) CZK 690,000
JAWA 500 OHC TYP 15/00 (1953) 790,000 CZK
PRAGA 350 BCS (1930) 790,000 CZK
PRAGA 500 BDS (1932) 890,000 CZK
Model and year of manufacture Starting price
ŠKODA 105 S (1985) 250,000 CZK
ŠKODA FELICIA (1960) 450,000 CZK
ŠKODA RAPID (1938) 350,000 CZK
SMALL PRAGUE (1932) 550,000 CZK
PRAGUE LADY TUDOR (1937) 990,000 CZK
WIKOV 7/28 AMBULANCE (1930) 850,000 CZK
TATRA T700 (1996) 1,750,000 CZK