It took Google over a month to finally fix it serious errorwhich appeared on the Pixel range of devices from Pixel 4 to Pixel 8. It was first announced with the launch of Android 14 back on October 8 and some users with multiple accounts blocked local storage their equipment. This problem appeared similar to if the phone was blocked by ransomware.

Some users they couldn’t unlock their deviceswhile others were able to boot the device but they did not have access to the locked storage. However, the bug made some phones completely unusable because the kept resetting and it was impossible to get to the home screen at all.

Reports of the problem have already surfaced shortly after the launch of Android 14however, Google the wrong version continued to expand and he didn’t admit the mistake until about 20 days after it appeared.

It has been spreading in recent days November update fix, but user feedback was not very positive. Google said that users who have had their storage blocked can get it back only some data and those that bootloop may lose everything. Anyway, today’s update should have storage made available without data loss. But the news is less positive for users whose devices keep resetting. You will be able to get the system up and running, but Google has not said whether or not they will lose their data (the company is currently investigating possible solutions).

This embarrassing situation shows that Google is not always able to seamlessly implement its much-vaunted failsafe systems. Despite numerous reports, it still released Android 14 with a bug. It also took the company an absurdly long time to even acknowledge the mistake. “I had no idea seven years of updates wasn’t a feature, it was a threat,” said one upset user.