Thirty years on the market, another important milestone in sales – take a look at the interesting statistics of Koreans in the Czech Republic.

The domestic representative office of the Kia brand reports that in September it exceeded the mark of 150,000 sold cars on our market – and another 10,000 more if light commercial vehicles are included. “We are proud that we have passed such an important milestone in the year of our 30th anniversary. The exact number of cars sold at the end of October was 152,291 units. We hereby thank all our customers for their trust and support.” stated Arnošt Barna, CEO of Kia Czech, and added: “Already in the first half of the year, we registered a year-on-year increase in sales of 6%, and at the end of the third quarter it was even more than 12%. Thanks to this development, we will most likely reach the highest number of cars sold in history in one year.“

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The domestic dealership of the car company managed to achieve its best results so far in 2018, when it handed over 10,439 cars to customers. In the following years, the coronavirus pandemic and other factors such as the economic crisis and problems in supply chains intervened.

For a long time, the most popular car for Czech customers is the Ceed (hatchback, SW, ProCeed and XCeed), followed by the Sportage SUV. The third row belongs to the Rio model. An important milestone for the brand was the year 2014, when it launched its first electric car, the Soul EV, on the Czech market. During its operation in the Czech Republic, it delivered a total of 2,523 electrified cars, of which 684 units are for the first ten months of this year.