The battery-powered supercar from Maranello is coming soon. Ferrari is building a new factory for it.

Work on the first electric supercar with a horse in its emblem is going according to plan and in some ways better than expected, the magazine reported Automotive News through an agency Reuters. Advances in electronic tuning have allowed designers to address some issues earlier than expected, saving valuable development time. “The project for Ferrari’s first all-electric model is on schedule, but we are even ahead of schedule in some processes,” CEO Benedetto Vigna confirmed to reporters on Thursday.

The first all-wheel drive Ferrari was created a long time ago.  It didn't go into production, 1340 kg seemed like a lot

The novelty should go on sale at the end of 2025. For it and other electric models, as well as plug-in hybrid cars, Ferrari is building a new factory in Maranello. It should be ready already in June 2024. At the same time, Vigna revealed to representatives of the press that the brand is doing extremely well. “Order volume remains at an all-time high, reflecting strong demand across all geographies and covering all of 2025.” stated

This means that all but one model is sold out for the foreseeable future. Currently, the 296 and SF90 types are doing best, with the Purosangue and 812 Competizione SUVs gradually joining them, which are starting production.