Photo: Petr Šedivý

Liaz doesn’t look like he’s in Dakar condition yet…

No matter what, the Czech hands will continue to operate with extremely courageous ideals, which is evidenced by the members of the Czech Samurais team, who acquired the wreck of an old liazka from a collector from Liberec. You might be wondering why so complicated? According to Olga Roučková from Samurai, it is necessary to choose a suitable model for conversion to a Dakar special, which must meet certain parameters. And it’s not so much fun anymore.

There are several reasons why the team decided on Liazka. First of all, it is an iconic Czech brand that has a rich history in the field of racing tracks. Furthermore, an aura of durability, reliability and the ability to overcome difficult off-road obstacles hangs around liazek. For these reasons, the future crew of the Dakar special Ondřej Martinec / Olga Roučková believes that the Czech “Líza” will handle the Dakar.

Photo: Petr Šedivý

The car is slowly being worked on, but the project is just getting started.

Another argument is that Liazky took to the starting field of the Dakar as early as 1985, consisting of Jiří Moskal, Radek Fencl and Jaroslav Joklík, while the Frenchman Galland started with the second car, joined by Zdeněk Kovář and Josef Brzobohatý.

Work on the car is slowly underway in cooperation with the Technical and Craft High School in Nové Bydžov, where the vehicle has been completely stripped. So far, we have managed to complete the sheet metal work of the cabin, overhaul the gearbox and send the engine for a general service, which is currently underway.

Photo: Petr Šedivý

The gearbox is done, now it is done on the engine.

The team has ambitions to complete the project, but now it is mainly focused on preparations for Dakar 2024, which is already knocking on the door. The estimated date for the lift to start is 2025, but not certain. Although, the team is advised by the greats Jiří Moskal and Jaroslav Joklík, which will definitely help the project.

The event is currently financed from the resources of the team and their sponsors and fans, however, Czech Samurais is not opposed to further partnerships. A crowdfunding campaign is also under consideration, most likely in a similar spirit as was the case with the Dakar Duck.

However, the project is still in its early stages and a lot can still change. The Czech samurai will have a long way to go before the pumped-up “Líza” stands at the start of this famous rally and sets off in the footsteps of the Czech colors to conquer the Classic category.