There have been various speculations about the release date of Sony’s upcoming device for several months PlayStation Portalto which it will be possible to stream games from PS 5 using the Remote Play function. The novelty will be sold for $199.99. It’s possible that PlayStation Portal will sell out as quickly as the PlayStation 5 did when it was first released, which may be why Sony is currently limits orders to one piece per customer.

PlayStation Portal is a handheld device that can remotely connect to the PS5 system via Wi-Fi. This will make it possible on the Portal’s eight-inch LCD display stream preinstalled PS5 games, which run at resolutions up to 1080p and 60 frames per second. The device also features controllers on both sides that resemble Sony’s DualSense wireless controller for the PS5.

Portal unfortunately does not support Bluetooth, which means that it will not be possible to connect wireless headphones. However, it has its own wireless technology PlayStation Link from Sony, which will allow connection to the expected Pulse Explore headphones and Pulse Elite headset. But it is also available 3.5mm connector.

PlayStation Portal is currently available for pre-order only in selected regions, including the US, UK, France, Belgium, Canada and Japan. It will be available later in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.