If you want a new Ferrari, hurry, the interest is huge. You’re already going to have to wait a long time.

Ferrari enjoys enormous interest and is experiencing a period of abundance. At the beginning of May, the Italian car company reported that it had sold out of capacity until 2025. After less than half a year, its calendar is already crammed until 2026. You will not receive your newly ordered car before that. The long-term influx of funds has started the development of other models at full speed, and Ferrari does not hide the fact that it is ahead with its first electric car and is already assembling new parts, which we have already outlined in the previous article.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT has a Czech price.  Version 63 can stand comparison with the best, but it is not very light

The end of this year will probably be in the spirit of exuberant celebrations at Ferrari. The results of the third quarter confirm the growth trend. During September, the car company delivered 524 cars to customers, increasing the volume to 10,418 cars over the past nine months. Year-on-year, Ferrari improved by 5.3%, despite the fact that the massively demanded SUV Purosangue is in the initial phase of production and will not receive more than a 20% share of the total production capacity.

Ferrari will offer the special 499P from LeMans to a limited group of customers.  It will be even better than the original

The second half of the year pointed to a change in client preference towards electrified models. These accounted for 51.3% of the 3,459 cars handed over between July and September. At the same time, seven conventional models are still outnumbered by four hybrids.