If you subscribe to Netflix, it’s now worth a little more. Super Mario Bros. in the film, the second highest-grossing film of this year after Barbie, will appear on Netflix on December 3 this year.

Since the beginning of August, Super Mario Bros. in a film exclusive to Peacock’s streaming service. Peacock has 28 million paid subscribers, while Netflix has about 74 million paying members in the US, so many more people will now be able to legally watch a movie at home without having to rent or buy it.

Image of Super Mario Bros. the movie features a fun, if predictable, safe trip to the Mushroom Kingdom, where Princess Peach rules. The film impresses with an endless series of referenceswhich is sure to please long-time Nintendo fans, and a number of different visual gadgets, such as the opening scene in Brooklyn, which turns into a 2D chase. Also, the captivating performance of Jack Black as Bowser and the very addictive soundtrack, specifically the song “Peaches”, cannot be overlooked.

Although the movie Mario the highest-grossing film adaptation of a video game series in history, Nintendo and its partners (Universal Pictures and Illumination) have yet to announce a sequel. However, this week it was revealed that Nintendo has teamed up with Sony Pictures to make The Legend of Zelda live-action movie together, which seems to be a much riskier venture.

Source: engadget.com