After refreshing the design and technology, the electric family MPV has better parameters and a digital interior.

The Rifter model as such has been produced since the fall of 2018, and the battery version of the e-Rifter has been created since the middle of 2021. Now it has undergone a thorough refresh in terms of design and technology, new body colors Sirkka Green and Kiama Blue have been added to the offer.

The drive is still in charge of a 100 kW electric motor, drawing energy from a battery with a capacity of 50 kWh, but thanks to various improvements, the range has increased from the original 282 kilometers according to the WLTP to up to 320 kilometers. The technical changes include, for example, a new adjustable regenerative braking system, adjustable in three levels of intensity thanks to the paddles behind the steering wheel – the original system had one level and was triggered rather clumsily by the drive mode selector.

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Furthermore, the e-Rifter will (finally) offer a heat pump, heating and cooling, according to our experience, significantly limited the range of the earlier version. Direct current charging is possible up to 100 kW, the battery can be charged in 5 hours from an 11 kW wallbox, from 7.4 kW in 7.5 hours and from a classic socket with a 16A circuit breaker in 15 hours.

The E-Rifter continues to be available in two lengths, standard at 440cm and extended at 475cm. The driver can now look forward to a digital instrument panel and a new 10″ screen of the infotainment system with high resolution. The iConnect on-board systems are able to connect Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly, the better Advanced version has TomTom online navigation.

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The crew can also look forward to wireless charging of the phone, the possibility of recharging “by wire” has also been added – now the e-Rifter has two USB-C sockets, one USB-A and a 230V socket. We also have an improved parking assistant with 12 sensors front and rear, as well as the VisioPark 180° system, which now features a high-definition rear parking camera.

Practicality is maintained at a traditionally high level, in the second row we find three separate seats that fold into the floor, sliding doors, and a rear folding glass in the fifth door. The five-seat version still has 775 liters of transport capacity, the Long version can hold up to 4,000 liters.