The long-awaited futuristic electric pickup continues to arouse passions. This specimen really failed Tesla…

In August, Elon Musk’s email to the employees of his Tesla car company became public. “Due to the nature of the Cybertruck, which is made of shiny metal with mostly straight edges, any dimensional deviation feels like a punch to the eye. All parts for this vehicle, whether in-house or from suppliers, must be designed and manufactured to an accuracy of less than 10 microns,” it stood in it. Apparently this was an exaggeration, as the thickness of a human hair is roughly 80 microns.

Take a look under the hood of the Tesla Cybertruck: The front trunk is smaller than everyone expected

But it seems that the dimensional deviations on the Cybertruck are not in microns, but in millimeters at best and centimeters at worst. Automotive journalist Daniel Golson photographed a large Tesla with dark stickers at a car meeting in the US. Its body panels were horribly chipped, there were giant gaps between them, and the car generally appeared to be a badly repaired wreck.

The Tesla Model Y has a serious problem.  Suspicious cracks appeared in the structure

His friend caught similar problems on video. This may be a one-off issue, but there have been reports of quality control issues with Tesla and not just the Cybertruck around the internet. We’ll see if everything can be fine-tuned so that customers are satisfied with their new pickups.