The graphic designer and designer appearing on social networks such as Sugarchow and Sugar Design apparently saw in the new superb a certain similarity with BMW cars, especially the 3 and 5 series.

And he decided to share his insight with his supporters and community of followers. He took two photos of the new Superb, one with a liftback, the other with a station wagon, and turned the Skoda into a BMW.

At the same time, the transformation was not complicated, we would even say that it was surprisingly easy. Sugarchow modified the front grille by replacing the traditional Škoda one with BMW kidney grilles (which in this case are clearly based on the original Superb radiator grille), changed the internal arrangement of the headlights (leaving their shape unchanged), changed the wheels, the logo on the hood and the front registration plate brand.

The virtual artist then commented on the result that, in his opinion, it looks better than the new BMW 5 Series… Maybe it’s more of a joke at the expense of the German car company.

Let us remind you that Škoda presented the fourth generation Superb on the second of November. Compared to its predecessor, the novelty is slightly longer, has a slightly larger trunk, a more modern interior equipped with new rotary controls with an integrated small display, and will be available not only with gasoline and diesel engines, but also as a plug-in hybrid. The first cars will reach customers in the second quarter of next year.