Some restomods seem spectacular at first glance. However, Carlex Design kept the classic look and prepared the biggest shock in the interior.

Poland’s Carlex Design has recently focused on luxury off-road vehicles and sport-tuned SUVs. Not to be stuck in a modern stereotype, he tackled a classic BMW 635 CSi from 1986, nicknamed the “shark” for its sharp nose. Although it is completely different in time, it has in common with the other projects an extraordinary desire for luxury and covering long distances. Only seven pieces will be produced.

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That the classic still has something to offer after more than 30 years is proven by the fact that Carlex kept the exterior in serial form. He only added Alpina-style alloy wheels and a chassis kit that brings the car closer to the road. This is also the only technical intervention mentioned, so everything under the hood probably remains the same. Only after a perfect revision. Finally, the 3.5-liter inline-six with a capacity of 215 horsepower and a four-speed automatic is fully in line with the relaxed atmosphere of weekend lounging. To make the origin of the car visible at first glance, we can find several modifier plaques on the outside, which form a pleasant contrast to the inky black paint.

The highlight of the modification is the completely transformed interior, especially in terms of upholstery. The seats, dashboard, door panels, side panels, carpets, practically everything is covered in first-class leather with a specially created patina. When we say everything, we mean that leather is also used on the steering wheel, shifter and even the alarm clocks with hand-made stainless steel numerals and hands.

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Although Carlex uses the original frame when manufacturing the seats, the ergonomic shape and foam fillings are in perfect harmony with modern demands for comfort. The touch of the present is also visible on the audio system, although it is well disguised by a period-looking radio with a cover that looks like for cassettes, but in fact we find a USB port underneath. Music can be played even before Bluetooth.

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This piece is the first to be made and there will be seven in total. Carlex spends approximately 1,200 hours of work on each. This is 3 times more than other projects. Patination of the leather takes the most time.