Amazon is already successfully operating the first large-capacity delivery from Rivian. Now the others got a chance too.

It was a long and difficult project, but Rivian has finally completed its cargo van and is now officially bringing it to market. The initial impetus was an order for the purchase of 100,000 cars from Amazon. He already operates these vehicles in Europe, but only now is the van publicly available to everyone.

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You can choose from two sizes. The smaller Delivery 500 has a load space of just over 13 m3 and a payload of 1240 kg. The maximum permissible weight is 4241 kg. The larger Delivery 700 is especially suitable for transporting bulky shipments.

The body is longer and wider, so you have over 19 m in the back3 for shipments of all kinds. But that doesn’t mean they can be harder. Due to its larger dimensions, the “seven-wheeler” has a payload of 1,140 kg with a maximum permissible weight of 4.3 tons. We assume that the dimensions will also be the same as the cars for Amazon. The Delivery 500 has a total length of 6.3 m and a wheelbase of 4 m. The Delivery 700 has a wheelbase extended to 4.7 m and a length of 7 m.

The base model will go 257 km on a single charge, while the larger version will stay on the sidelines after 245 km. Charging is possible with a power of up to 100 kW. While the cars for Amazon also have all-wheel drive, Rivian will only offer front-wheel drive to the public for now. The cheapest model 500 starts at 1,914,000 CZK, for the larger 700 prepare two million.