Geely will be importing many electric cars to Europe, but not yet the Galaxy E8. It’s a shame, he did quite well in the polygon tests.

Due to the boom of Chinese brands, they have to be reckoned with in Europe. While previously we would not be interested in the driving impressions of the Geely Galaxy E8 2024, today they give at least a basic idea of ​​how advanced these cars are. Although this particular model will only be sold in China. Therefore, the editors of km77 went directly to the place to test this electric sedan.

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This is a basic design with a 272-horsepower electric motor and rear-wheel drive. It draws energy from a battery with a capacity of 62 kW for a range of 460 km (WLTP). Charging is possible with a power of 150 kW. Since the testing does not take place at the “home” polygon in Madrid, the results are not fully comparable, but they still tell a lot.

With a length of over 5 meters, the elegant sedan weighs “only” 1910 kg. It has a low center of gravity thanks to the SEA platform, which is also used by the Polestar 4, and 19-inch wheels with Goodyear Assurance Comfort 3 tires measuring 245/45 R19. These are adapted to the dimensions of more luxurious sedans such as Mercedes-Benz EQE or Volkswagen ID.7. The front axle uses McPherson type suspension, the rear is five-link, independent. The interior is dominated by a 45-inch screen with 8K resolution occupying the entire upper part of the dashboard.

The slalom start corresponds to a more luxurious concept without a sharp tap. The Galaxy E8 confidently weaves its way between the cones and demonstrates precise steering supported by smooth but not large body tilts. The car is not an athlete because the electronic stabilization systems intervene too early, so that a more dynamic ride often does not even happen. In a corner, you can press the accelerator all the way to the ground, but the car only accelerates when the steering wheel is straightened. Even so, it beats the Mercedes-Benz EQE by 23.5 seconds.

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In slalom, the Galaxy E8 behaves neutrally during rapid changes of direction. It does not understeer, nor does it oversteer. The opening round with an approach speed of 76 km/h passes without hesitation. Geely maintains the same calmness, poise and guidance in the exact track even when approaching at a speed of 82 km/h, which is above average. For comparison, the Mercedes-Benz EQE was limited to 74 km/h on the track in Spain.

The chassis of the Chinese sedan is confidently tuned and mastering the emergency maneuver does not depend on the intervention of assistants, but of course they will help sensitively. It’s a strange contrast to the behavior in slalom. In any case, if the Geely Galaxy E8 ever looks here, it will definitely not embarrass itself.