Instead of a Multisport card and a friendly team, Ferrari offers really interesting benefits for its employees.

Another 250 workers will be added to Ferrari’s more than five thousand employees during the first half of next year. For them, Ferrari will have a very interesting offer, because in the first months of 2024 it will launch a share ownership plan for employees – first those directly in Italy.

What exactly is it about? Each employee will receive free shares worth up to 2,065 euros, i.e. just over 50,000 crowns. Employees who keep them for at least 36 months will then receive additional shares worth up to 15 percent of the original allocation.

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On Monday, the company also signed an agreement with the FIM, UILM and FISMIC unions to renew the competitiveness reward system for its workers in Italy from 2024 to 2027. And those are hefty sums, too.

Based on the agreement, annual bonuses can theoretically reach up to 17,000 euros (420,000 crowns), retrospectively for 2022 a maximum of 13,500 euros (330,000 crowns) and for 2021 then 12,000 euros (300,000 crowns). Employees will be able to convert part of their bonuses up to 3,000 euros into shares.