Welcome to the most luxurious expedition car built on the basis of the modern Tatra Phoenix 8 × 8. This special is not just a holiday home on wheels, it is a bunker and the perfect shelter with which you can go even to the most remote areas.

Foto: SLRV Expedition Vehicles

The basis of the special is the Tatra Phoenix 8 × 8.

This corresponds to the protection of the front part, where a massive strength bumper complete with a metal frame and a place for a winch has its place. The cabin is further protected by a robust cage, on top of which you will find additional lighting. A ladder has its place at the back to make it easier to get to the top of the superstructure where the solar panels and skylights are located.

The expedition superstructure itself is polished down to the last detail and will also offer side storage spaces, from where a compact grill, for example, will peek out at you. And the flurry of smart ideas and luxury certainly does not end there.

Foto: SLRV Expedition Vehicles

The superstructure was made by Australian specialists from SLRV Expedition Vehicles.

The interior itself is finished in shiny sand metallic, which contrasts with the white work and cover plates. The floor is vinyl, which in combination with the whole creates a colorful feast for the eyes.

The equipment also includes a kitchen complete with the aforementioned worktops, an electric hob, a microwave and a conventional Miele oven. There is also a coffee maker, sink, dishwasher, fridge, freezer and other practical storage spaces.

Foto: SLRV Expedition Vehicles

Inside you will find complete equipment, including a washing machine, dishwasher, oven and TV.

The living space consists of a large dining area for up to eight people, which at the push of a button gives way to an electrically operated king-size bed of first-class quality. You can also sleep on one of the two bunk beds, or sit down in front of the flat-screen TV.

The vehicle also has a partitioned room with nets where you can safely store various things. The crew is not deprived of a full bathroom, which includes a shower, toilet, sink and storage spaces. Of course, the Miele washing machine also has its place here, which can hold 9 kg of laundry.

Foto: SLRV Expedition Vehicles

The basis of a good day is good sleep. Is there a king size bed please?

In addition to the giant fuel tanks, the vehicle also has large tanks for transporting water, a kit for its filtration and high-capacity battery storage, complete with fast charging. This 8×8 car will simply go as far as it can go and wherever it can go.

The car (base) was manufactured by Kopřivnica Tatrovka, however, the Australian dealer Offroad Trucks Australia also participated in its final realization. However, the main thing is the body builders from SLRV Expedition Vehicles.

The price and further details of this self-sufficient special have not yet been disclosed, however, we know that similar models from SLRV counterparts cost just under 21 million crowns, with the upper financial limit being only the fatness of your account.