Civitai is an online marketplace for sharing artificial intelligence models. This platform has just introduced a new feature called Rewardswhich has encourage the community to deepfake real people. This news was brought to you by 404 Media. Whoever comes up with the best AI model gets a virtual currency called Buzz.

A number of tasks for which rewards can be obtained include the creation of the likeness of celebrities and well-known figures, usually women. For many of them, it is about “non-consensual sexual images”. This type of deepfake has been circulating the internet for years, but artificial intelligence allows for an even more realistic result. In addition, 404 Media found some requests that also involve the creation of such deepfakes private personswhich is much scarier.

“I’m very scared of where this trend can go,” Michele Alves, an Instagram influencer whose deepfakes are also popular on Civitai, told 404 Media. “I don’t know what precautions I should take because the internet feels like a place that’s out of control.”

According to Andreessen Horowitz, Civitai is currently the seventh most popular platform dedicated to generative artificial intelligence, which in other words means that a whole range of users can succumb to this trend. It is not surprising that Virginia, for example, recently updated its laws regarding the creation of pornography and punishes the creator of deepfakes up to one year in prison.

However, it is worth noting that very few deepfake requests explicitly state that they are requesting sexually-themed material and they express themselves vaguely. However, in some cases the requests are the other way around overtly explicit and use terms like “perverted request” for example along with requests for large breasts. In turn, Civitai argues that deepfaking should not be used to create pornographic images of real people generated by artificial intelligence without consent.

However, both sexual images of public figures and non-sexual images of ordinary people are allowed. Then it’s just a matter of combining the two. It should be noted that creating one image only takes a few seconds.