Don’t miss today’s episode of World of Motors TV! Michal Dokoupil will test the electric Ford F-150 Lightning and Martin Vaculík will knock over the coveted Passat B8. In addition, we will take a look at the Czechoslovak Drezina and drive his Chevrolet Corvette with Karlos Vémola.

Today at 20:30 on Nova Action. A na Voyo

Like every Wednesday evening, you can count on a new episode of TV World of Motors. It is broadcast by the Nova Action station at 20:30. All broadcast parts are also on Voyo.

Michal Dokoupil and Ford F-150 Lightning

America’s best-selling full-size pickup truck arrives all-electric. We were skeptical, but our specialist in modern technologies Michal Dokoupil discovered so many gadgets and advantages that now we see the first electric pick-up differently. Two trunks and acceleration from 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds? Once a dreamland, now reality.

Martin Vaculík in Passat B8

Don’t buy a car until Martin Vaculík knocks it over. Today’s sought-after Passat B8, already 10 years old used, and Martin takes it on a broken country road. There will be essential tips on the right motorization and transmission with accuracy for months of production. And what advantages does the Volkswagen Passat actually have against the Superb?

Czechoslovakian sink from the car

This is weird, but beautiful. An inspector’s sink from the 1960s that served for the next two decades. The base is FSO Warszawa 224 and it counts when starting. It is no wonder that this test drive by Martin Karlík evokes mischievous smiles.

Karlos Vémola’s garage

From a Mustang without a roof, through a Mercedes G-class with 800 horsepower and a custom chopper to a new Corvette. And animals as pets. How much did it all cost in terms of matches? We will find out with Karlos Vémola in the garage.

How to quickly but correctly wash a car

Most people don’t do anything to the car, which is not surprising given the complexity of new cars. But what everyone should be able to do is at least wash the car quickly and well. We avoid the brush washer because we like the varnish. Petr Slováček and a professional will teach you how to wash with a pressure washer, commonly known as a wapka. Fast, efficient and gentle.