YouTube has announced new steps to combat AI abuse and misinformation that will be rolled out in the coming months. The new rules apply transparency of videos created with artificial intelligence and the growing deepfake problem. YouTube will allow users to request removal of AI-generated content including removing other artificially created or altered content that impersonates an identifiable person, including their face or voice.

Individuals can submit removal requests through a privacy request directly on YouTube, however the company will consider decisions based on whether they are merely similar depictions of a person (e.g., satirical depictions) or whether the person can be clearly identified. Likewise, musicians or their representatives can apply for removing any content that uses artificial intelligence to imitate their voice.

These policies come at a time when significantly they promote and share deepfakes. Yesterday, for example, we informed you about the Civitai platform, which promotes sexualized portrayals of public and private figures.

In addition to making removal easier, YouTube will also make sure that any altered or synthetic content be as such marked. Creators will be required to post such posts in a certain manner, and failure to do so may result in their post being removed, partner program suspension, etc.

YouTube says it will inform creators about the use of this new tool before it is implemented. YouTube also reserves the right delete AI generated videosif they are inappropriate.